#287: Handle glove

Handheld tools, everything from a dustpan to a screwdriver are designed for use by both left- and right-handed people. It’s a sad fact of life, though, that everything works better if it’s designed to be held in one’s dominant hand.

Suppliers are understandably reluctant to make everything right-handed, or even to manufacture numbers of products in the ratio of right to left handers within the population.


Today’s invention is a way to allow people to make optimal use of their handedness.

Whenever a new tool is made, it would be supplied with a push-on, flexible rubber handle. This would conform to the geometry of, say, a right hand when holding the implement.

If a purchaser is left handed, he or she simply removes the grip and turns it inside out before pushing it back onto the tool.

The inversion results in a mirror image rubber handle.

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