#284: Roadstrobe

For reasons best known to themselves, lots of people like to illuminate their vehicles in unusual ways. This often takes the form of banks of leds in bright colours. On a giant truck, this can be very distracting at night, since any vehicle thus equipped looks like it’s in a scene from Close Encounters. Similarly, there are popular blue lamps that shine underneath ‘custom’ cars and may even flash to the rhythm of the occupant’s choice of ‘music’.

Today’s invention takes things a stage further and offers the chance of lighting one’s wheels with a set of strobe lamps, set to flash exactly in synchrony with rotation frequency.


As you drive along, with strobes off, the message, advert or image on your wheels and tyres is just a blur. Switch on the strobes, in response to some traffic event, or just when passing a friend, and all four wheels start to provide a static, brightly coloured display. It might say “Eat at Joe’s” , “txt me:1779666” or display a couple of giant eyes on one side of the vehicle…Given how keen people are to have personal numberplates, this might just be used to spell out owners’ names.

It might well be possible to fit four different strobes per vehicle to illustrate the speed with which a car is being driven: one wheel carrying a message saying “30mph”, another “40mph” etc Useful when fitted to police vehicles keen to provide a reminder to motorists as they drive alongside them.

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