#263: Stunt doughnut

We are being told, by different authorities on child development, that today’s youngsters, lifted and laid by overprotective mums and dads, need to be allowed to take risks when growing up.

How many of these people have ever actually been a parent? I understand where they are coming from, though.


Today’s invention is intended to help encourage tree climbing by the offspring of even the most timid.

It consists of a foam-filled, disc-shaped cushion made of the same plastic-coated material as eg punchbags.  Laid at the base of a big tree, a cylindrical hole would be left in the middle (of diameter say 50cm) to accommodate the trunk.

The disc could be designed in two half circles, linked by large velcro patches, more easily to fit in the back of an estate car.

The outer diameter could only be around 4m, thus also limiting the height of trees which it could be used on…an extra safety feature.

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