#260: Dance mannequin

For those of us not blessed by an ability to make coordinated movements, learning any kind of formal dance moves is torture. It’s especially difficult to concentrate when holding a member of the opposite sex.

Today’s invention is a mannequin torso equipped with a small screen, mp3 player and a webcam.


The camera is attached to the base of the torso and relays an image of one’s feet to the screen. On this screen (mounted on the mannequin’s shoulder) is also displayed a pair of footprints showing the correct foot placements -coordinated with the music being played, via headphones, on the mp3 player.

One assumes no need to show the feet of a competent dance partner. It might even be possible to play the music at reduced speed -for complete neophytes or the terpsichoreally-challenged.

So, no more counting “1,2,3” whilst sweating into somebody’s corsage.

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