#259: Tie vendor

Ties are sometimes inevitable. There are just some people who need to see one’s neck suitably adorned before your meeting can proceed smoothly.

My ties (a collection in tasteful greys and blues) usually collect a variety of small, contrasting stains until a trip to the dry cleaner is necessitated. I’ve often thought that disposables might be the answer.


Today’s invention is a vending machine for neckties. This would contain a collection of flat, neutrally-coloured kite shaped fabric blanks in a range of colours (these need not be disposable, but might be).

A user could enter their credit card and dial up a combination of base colour and pattern. This would be created using the internal printer and then dispensed through a pair of folding/flattening rollers.

Very useful if your neckwear picks up ink or samples of the menu, this could also be used to create impromptu ties for diners in fancy restaurants or as a smarter alternative to events T shirts eg “Happy 40th to Bill in accounts.”

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