#256: Salescreen

It always surprises me that tills in shops are now surrounded by screens. Surely, by the time customers are there, the buying decisions have mostly been made? (apart obviously from the last minute chocolate impulse).

Today’s invention is to link the tills to a big screen in the shop window.


As each item is rung up, an advertisement image of the product appears in the window (including pricing information).This is intended to attract attention, illustrate strong trading activity and drive buying behaviour (just as when market traders ‘plant’ customers apparently spending large amounts of money).


  1. There is a system in pubs/clubs in England where the price is dictated by the market. This system is based on the stock market with the cash register connected to a big screen tv and computer. Customers can gain by buying when the popularity of a drink is high and getting lower priced drinks when the price drops.

  2. Interesting…because you might naturally expect the price to be hiked for popular goods. Is this because they can make economies of scale by pre-mixing eg cocktails in a vat?

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