#249: Lunchtimer

You can buy a range of pet feeders for when you go on holiday. Each day, a new compartment springs open and gives your furry friend access to a regulated amount of dehydrated chicken-liver particles with added fibro-yum.

Today’s invention is a lunchbox version of this for humans who, like me, feel healthier if we eat a number of smaller meals throughout the day but who have a tendency to scoff the lot at around 09:35 every morning if they are all in the same container.


The lunchbox would simply consist of a number of separately locked compartments, each with a different timer. Once the opening time on each was set, these could not be altered until after they had sprung open at the appointed moment.

This would force people to wait for their next snack until they were actually feeling hungry and help reinforce healthier, more personalised, eating patterns.

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