#248: Jaw-jaw

My visual metaphor thing accidentally switched on the other day, whilst fooling about with a cellphone.

Suddenly, a clamshell phone started resembling the head of a creature (with one half of the shell acting as the articulated mandible of some T Rex-like robot space creature….I really must stay off the espresso).


Anyway, I began thinking about today’s invention: A clamshell phone designed in the shape of the head of eg a parrot, crocodile or whatever. Instead of a ringtone, the creature’s squawk or roar could be issued at the same time as opening and closing the clamshell by a small amount (many such phones already have motors on board to drive the internal buzzer). It might even be possible to lipsynch clamshell movements with the words spoken by a caller.

Design in a pair of flashing LED ‘eyes’ on the top surface and you have a lot of added product personaility in a market saturated with sameness.

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