#230: Shredsafe

Using my shredder every time a single document needs dealt with is a pain because it’s noisy and slow. So I have been posting them into the bin which forms the lower part of the machine. Over time, this has filled up and there is now a pile adjacent to the bin.

I do this shredding thing because there are some documents that I’d prefer not to hand to thieves and blackmailers. It just suddenly struck me as ironic that all of this high-security material is now lying in my office in the vicinity of the shredder: it might as well have a big sign on it saying “Important, sensitive documents -please steal.”


So, today’s invention is simply to equip the device with a laptop-like cable lock and a hasp. The hasp would link the bin (without obstructing its posting slot, of course) to the box on top with the blades in. This would also loop around my desk to make walking off with the whole thing significantly more difficult.

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