#225: Modesty mask

I’m getting just a little tired of people fighting about their religious beliefs. If folk want to dress in a particular way because their god tells them to do so, then, I’d be strongly inclined not to try to stop them. Equally, I wouldn’t want my children taught by someone dressed as Ronald MacDonald, the Lone Ranger or Darth Vadar.

Today’s invention attempts to defuse the row about certain groups of people wearing clothes that may interfere with their communications with the rest of us.


It takes the form of a mask incorporating a small screen (basically another hacked mobile phone) on which would be displayed an image of their face, captured by the inbuilt camera and coarsely pixellated.

It would display just enough infomation for others to be able to lip read what they are saying and sense the mood of ther comments, but without revealing their identity or even their sex.

If necessary, their voice could be disguised too.

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