#222: Flak deflector

For people who are vulnerable to attacks, but who can’t hide in a bomb-proof shelter all the time, life is complicated. I’m talking about presidents, popes and even the commanders of armoured vehicles.

Today’s invention is for anyone who might find themselves being viewed through the crosshairs of a sniper’s rifle, whilst travelling in a vehicle.


I noticed , whilst moving in a fast train recently that I could see the scene behind a parallel train of steel goods wagons, just by glimpsing it through the occasional gaps between them.

So, imagine a person with their upper body above a circular steel hatchway in a flat deck. A cylindrical cage, consisting of a bulletproof, solid roof and vertical steel bars, surrounds them. The cage is free to rotate about a vertical axis, centred on the hatchway and the person standing in the middle.

The whole thing is driven by a geared motor, so that although the occupant can see out and is visible to outside observers (being brightly lit by an internal lamp), the speed of the passing bars is so high that bullets and other projectiles have almost no chance of penetrating the cage.

For a practical bar/gap ratio of 1, at a radius of 1/2 m, the speed of the bars can be kept well below the speed of sound, even if high velocity rounds were being fired at it. The sensation for the occupant would probably be one of being in the eye of a hurricane…hard to keep one’s hairpiece in place.

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