#220: Transformotive

Someday, battery endurance for my laptop will be on a par with that of my digital watch. Today however, even the most’ ultra-mobile’ computing requires a wall socket recharge at every available opportunity.

This means the that huge black box that dangles on the power cable has to be carted about with me all over the place. I’m sick of it. Most of all I’m sick of having to buy a new one every time I need a new machine.


Today’s invention is a variable transformer for laptop use. It’s not beyond the wit of electrical engineers to make a black box which can either sense, or have dialled in, data like :- the supply voltage, the computer model, etc and then adjust the output current/voltage/frequency combination to the correct values.

All that is then required is a range of connectors with different geometries. Suddenly one transformer can be kept pretty much forever. Although each would be more expensive to buy, the frequency with which they are discarded would be almost zero…possibly justifying a transformer unit at both ends of one’s routine journey to work.

Did I hear somebody say ‘invalidated warranty’? Come on manufacturers, either get battery technology sorted or give your customers a break and stop selling them a pound of excess copper with every notebook.

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