#214: Singring

When I’m walking around carrying eg my keys, phone, MP3 player, railcard, PDA, glasses etc I’m constantly paranoid about losing some of them or having them stolen from an unflapped pocket. If I have to run to catch a train or avoid some homicidal taxi, there is always the fear that some of these essential items have bounced onto the pavement, never to be seen again.

Today’s invention is intended to make it easier to monitor a collection of portable things without constantly having to pay attention to them, (or carry a handbag or having alarms sounding in your clothing).


Each item would be secured to a short length of wire. At each end of each wire there would be a simple magnetic connector. The wire would carry a soft coating which was oval in section (say, 5mm max diameter). This would make it much less likely to form irritating knots, bulges under clothes or be uncomfortable to sit on. The coating could be in bright colours, a different one for each item, if desired. Lengths might even be stitched to the outside of clothes as a design feature.

All these sections of wire would be joined to an MP3 player, so that removal of any one from the circuit formed would immediately, but discreetly, alert the user, by stopping the music playing in one’s headphones. Of course, if you wanted to hand your phone to a friend, the two ends left by their removal could simply be rejoined to fire up your music once more.

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