#202: Spout straw

I’m not that fastidious about hygiene, but when someone pours me a drink from a ring-pull can, I can’t help but wonder what the liquid is absorbing en route. Cans often find themselves piled up in some fairly insanitary conditions and given only a quick wipe before being served to the customer.

The design of the ring-pull itself is a masterpiece of invention, but its pouring action is pretty turbulent, especially with carbonated fluids which can flow pretty much anywhere.


Today’s invention is a flexible, reusable plug or grommit which wedges into the ring-pull aperture when the can has been opened and forms a seal there. In the middle of the plug is an internally-streamlined, moulded-in pipe which contains both a liquid outflow passage and an air inflow one, in an attempt to achieve a smoother pouring action.

This allows the drink to get to the glass without washing in whatever crud happens to be on the can’s exterior.

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