#198: Algorgasm

I’m no expert on what are sometimes called ‘sex toys’ but leaving aside the schoolboyish, smutty marketing, it seems to me that these are often pretty poorly designed as products.

Take vibrators, for example (but only of course if you don’t live in Alabama).


Basically, a small battery-driven motor with an eccentric rotating mass. This is a crude device but judging by sales figures, an effective one. Given what we know about a) electronics and b) human sexual response, it seems to me that maybe there is some scope for a little product development.

Today’s invention is a programmable vibrator, designed to move according to the different stages of sexual excitement in people. This might be supplied with default parameters (in terms of amplitude and frequency) corresponding to average behaviour and then possibly ‘tunable’ according to individual preferences.

There might even be scope for having the vibrations driven by eg thermographic data -creating an external feedback loop in parallel, hopefully, with the internal, neural one.

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