#185: BuyBlinks

One of the biggest commercial questions of the age is

“How the hell can we get those people to stop fast forwarding through our beloved TV advertisements?”


Todays’ invention attempts to deal with the underlying problem. No, I don”t mean the really underlying problem that companies still think it’s a great idea to force their potential customers to watch promotional material when they are trying to be entertained.

The thing about fast forwarding through advertisements is that you really have to pay close attention; otherwise you find yourself skipping into Part 3 after the break. So, imagine shooting a couple of seconds of mind-blowing ad action and then broadcasting it in slo-mo.

First, somene watching the ad in realtime will think “What’s going on here, has my recorder blown a circuit?”…so, now you’ve got their attention. Then, they will do the usual thing of fast forwarding…at which point they will see a short burst of normal promotional action. “Acme sugar water -get’s you up to speed.”

Sneaky? and of course it will only work a few times, but it might just keep a few of those Madison Avenue types in in Dom Perignon for one more season.

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