#165: ‘Cola turkey’

I’m concerned about ‘soft’ drinks.

Leaving aside the stories of what Nutrasweet does to rats, even the effects which a canful of ‘natural, wholesome’ sugar has on my children are disturbing. These include being hyperexcited and completely incapable of focusing (especially on tasks which require even limited concentration). If you know children labeled as having ADD, then consider whether they are just taking too much sugar on board, before letting them be treated with Ritalin et al.


Today’s invention is a way to help wean children off highly-sugared drinks.

Each case of 12 cans or bottles would be identically branded as usual, but they would carry a small printed number from 1 to 12 on the outside. This would reflect the amount of sugar inside, so that when fed these, in order of decreasing sugar, young people could be weaned off that taste and associated rush.

It would mean manufacturers cooperating in filling cans appropriately and creating a ‘low-sweetness’ range of drinks onto which people could then migrate. This approach might be extended to eg alcohol content in a pack of beer (or even, heaven help us, caffeine content).

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