#161: Auto-lav

I’m amazed at the extent to which toilet seats are a cause of domestic disharmony. Apparently, half the world believes the default state should be ‘up’ and vice versa (actually of course lots of the world doesn’t have access to a flushable ceramic wc, but I’m sure you know what I mean). I’m not talking here about the toilet seat lid, if there is one, just the seat.

Today’s invention is yet another application of the putative floor mats which can sense the orientation of a foot placed upon them. Two of these would be located strategically in front of every toilet.


If a person (male or female) stands facing away from the convenience, it’s assumed that the lid must be down and vice versa.

The movement of the lid itself could be driven, at a signal from the pads, by one of these new fangled toilet lid lifter devices.

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