#160: Pass-shapes

I’m sick to death of having to remember passwords. It’s particularly bad that I’m supposed to use letters and numbers and different cases. In addition, once I get a particular password embedded in my cerebellar motor memory (after about a million practices), I then find that if anything interrrupts me in mid-entry, I have to restart from the beginning.

I have been reading about the rather over-complex attempts by a certain big computer company in this area and was also inspired by some of the comments here. Today’s invention is a simple alternative.


When you need a new password, ‘draw’ a very simple shape in keys on the keyboard. 57dcvbnkj for example is a comparatively easy-to-remember smiley face. zse456tfd is an italic ‘P’ etc

Using disjoint shapes eg serfcxhuikmn (remembered as ‘Sunglasses’) is a way to vastly increase the numbers of possible combinations of shapes and make it harder to tabulate them manually for computer search.

It is true that this is all still vulnerable to ‘shoulder surfing’…hence this invention ( clever as this is, the patent may be permanently ‘pending’, though, given the vast amount of related prior art ).

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