#159: Chestpod

In the old, pre-digital era, when you took a photograph you could at least look through a viewfinder and brace the camera against your cheekbone.

Latterly, everyone has become accustomed to composing their photographic shots whilst viewing a beautiful big digital screen -and of course you can really only do this with the camera on a tripod -or held at arm’s length.


Today’s invention is to equip each digital camera with a conventional neckstrap and to augment that with a small collapsible bipod. This would be attached to the camera as normal but instead two short legs would emerge to allow the device to ‘stand’ on one’s chest (or stomach, depending on physique).

This combination of strap and bipod would allow the camera to be held relatively still (without having to cart around a full tripod), whilst still enabling the user to see the screen.  If you are particularly shaky or a string fetishist, try this solution I just came across, as an alternative.


  1. Hello! I found a product on the market that is very close to what you describe! Have you heard of the AirLite chestpod? http://www.airlitechestpod.com

    • Thanks Stacy -yet another example of something which a) I didn’t actually invent and b) seems like a good enough idea to have customers.

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