#155: Logo tester

The world is full of truly dreadful logos (of which this is an example). Plumbers’ initials bent into the shape of pipework or improbable acronyms entwined into ‘artistic’ 3-D, multicoloured interpretations of coats of arms etc.

Just as in web design, given their chance to express themselves in a logo, most people make a hash and create something that is memorable only for its awfulness and which when photocopied, or otherwise processed, turns into a cross between a visual illusion and a smudge.


Today’s invention is one way to help assess a candidate logo before the unsuspecting public get to see it stencilled onto the side of a van or pasted across a business letterhead.

I envisage a software tool that can automatically grab the candidate logo, scale it down in order to pixellate it at about the 16*16 pixel level and then allow the designer to view the result. Even someone with no artistic pretensions can tell at a glance whether what they have produced is robust and distinctive enough to stand for their business: or whether it’s back to the drawing board.

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