#151: Thought bubbling films

I’ve been talking lately to a science fiction writer about how more of the ‘interior life’ of her characters can be expressed when her latest story inevitably gets made into a ‘Major Motion Picture.’ The old voice over/narrator thing is so 23rd Century.

So I suggested thought bubbles…they are a mainstay of comics, of course but I’ve never seen them used in a film -even films of comic books seem to fight shy. Today’s invention is therefore to embed thought bubbles when editing/postprocessing a movie.


These would need to be multilingual of course but with digital filming taking off, that becomes fairly straightforward -speech to text conversion could even be used to fill the bubbles (as long as it wasn’t a George Lucas script played by a Marlon Brando avatar).

Come to think of it, why isn’t this done already for subtitled films? The thought bubbles themselves could be automatically located in patches of the screen where the texture was uniform, so as not to be too intrusive visually.

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