#150: Triple-barrelled tap

Having a big kitchen sink (albeit in a small kitchen) is great. You can sluice down all sorts of stuff with some chance of washing away the stains and splatters before they provoke a domestic contretemps.

The major difficulty is tap(s): even the ones which rotate around a central point can only direct the water flow onto a very limited arc of ceramic (and those coffee grounds are always lurking in the corners).


Today’s invention is therefore a universal-fit rubber manifold pipe.

The inlet stabs onto the mixer tap and the other three or four outlets are each equipped with a pinch-close valve and a moulded-in iron wire. This allows the user to direct exactly as much water flow to any part of the sink as is required. The soft iron wire ensures that each outlet stays pointing where you aimed it, even when the flowrate is turned up.

You can buy a version of this for garden use, but it’s just a rigid device for joining hoses: useless for directing flow in a consistent way.

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