#148: Mailbag bijoux

The Post Office staff get the mail through to every address at a reasonable price, mostly on time -but as a business it’s a total shambles.

When I go to my local Post Office (and I’ve remembered not to go on Wednesday, which unbelievably is half-day closing) I’m surrounded by a plethora of stuff for sale. It’s almost all junk.


So, I thought whilst standing in the inevitable queue, why don’t they make much more effective use of all that high street retail space they are currently trying so hard to shed by closing regional post offices? Answer: like many public sector organisations, that were expected to magically enter the private sector in the ’80s, they haven’t got the required decisionmaking structure or personnel to do the job.

So today’s invention is one thing I’d do if they were to allow me: the post-to-anywhere integrated gift.

I’d equip each post office with a display case containing say twenty postable gift items (which would be the kinds of high quality British-branded things people would want to give to friends and family, at home and overseas).

Each of these would come with a padded envelope, a notelet and a pen. This would enable people to complete the whole gift-giving thing in a last minute or impulsive way: write note -> bag up -> seal -> address ->drop in postbox.

The postage would be prepaid -the gimmic being that it would cover delivery to anywhere on the planet. Naturally, these gifts would be priced at a premium to ensure a healthy profit, but at least they’d be of high quality and there are deals to be made with prestige manufacturers of such bijoux.

I’d also make these available online and in airports as last-minute departure items, to be handed to cabin staff, if necessary.

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