#130: Storm in a plastic bag

The good news is that I seem to have overcome my obsession with catflap design. The bad news is that vacuum cleaners have taken their place in my daily ruminations.

In the ideological war between the bagged and the bagless, I’m a conscientious objector. The main reason for not having a bag has to be that it is replaced by a cyclone extractor which maintains suction (or double cyclone, if you want to be patent-picky). The downside here is that a big transparent box is required, in which the stray toenail clippings can gather.

Today’s invention is to make the dual cyclone a bagged vacuum cleaner. Instead of that big, heavy, transparent housing, simply use a circumferential clip which allows a small, clear plastic bag to be attached to hold the crud. This also serves to reuse all those ridiculous supermarket food bags that clog the kitchen, reduces the weight of the machine and still allows observation of the collected dirt (If you insist. Perhaps it’s an alternative entertainment for those people who continue to think TV is a good idea and whose spin dryers are on the blink).

Most importantly, this approach makes getting rid of domestic detritis much easier than fiddling with button-released containers that are always hard to re-seal -by allowing the bag to be slipped off the machine, nipped closed and dumped every time it’s used.

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