#127: Charity swear box

It’s a major challenge sometimes for me not to utter the most extreme expletives. When I’ve tripped over the cat or received yet another insulting TV licence demand, or dropped paint on the carpet, or some IDIOT with a luckybag licence has just cut me up in traffic…etc, etc.

I’m not that keen on my children learning such terms (partly since there is always a danger of getting enigmatic enjoinders from the school banning the words ****, ****, **** and especially **** ).

Today’s invention is therefore a modern version of the old-fashioned swear box.

A microphone feeds into my ever-present laptop, which is running speech-to-text software. Every time it detects a banned word (I have a mercifully limited repertoire of these), it emits a very annoying noise (think Windows at startup) and automatically debits my PayPal account by £1, as a donation to UNICEF.

You could, of course, strip out the motherboard, soundcard, network card and microphone from a pc , stick them in a small box and sell it as a blasphemy sentry.

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