#126: Glovapron

Don’t ask why, but I’ve been searching lately for today’s invention: a pair of rubber gloves integrated into a rubber apron. It seems that no such product exists. I had thought that the military or the nuclear industry would need this thing, or even people working as drainage technicians, vets or in abbatoirs…but it seems they haven’t realised it yet.

Rather than have to worry about gunge penetrating between glove-end and sleeve-start, I’d like to be able to walk into a one-piece overall that would be sure to protect my clothes.


It seems to me perfectly possible to injection mould such an item, although the tooling would be tricky to perfect, even for an ultra-utility product where surface finish isn’t that important.  I suspect, though, that the preferred approach would be to bond existing gloves to rubber aprons with arms. There could still be three different hand sizes available, but the arms and wraparound apron would be deliberately loose-fitting to enable some ventilation.

As with all great products, after use -just hose it down.

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