#113: Interchangeable garden drive

Digging a field or vegetable patch is always a physical challenge. It’s even tough when using a rotavator. So we have an enormous range of shiny and expensive, labour-saving toys with which to create a cacophony for the neighbours’ benefit.

Today’s invention provides access to a range of these devices, whilst cutting the cost of an entire shed-load of appliances.


I propose designing a range of motorised garden implements all of which are powered using a single, heavy-duty electric drill (it could be cordless, but I’d be happier with a nice fat cable and no need to recharge any massive battery packs).

In this way, gardeners could make more use of an existing (expensive) tool, by plugging it into a range of mechanical ‘business ends,’ each with a suitable small gearbox (such as rotavators, strimmers, hedge clippers, wood chippers and even leaf blowers). I understand that each powertool actually gets used for only 10 minutes, in total which makes the sale of multiple redundant motors even less justifiable.

All this is fine, as long as your garden doesn’t require a simultaneous, multipronged surprise attack.

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