#85: Articipation

Students of art come in two flavours. Those who learn about the works of artists and write essays explaining their significance for the psychosexual politicisation of the protocapitalist demographic -and those who learn to actually do the art part.

My small theory of art is that it’s for communicating an emotional state between people in a more direct way than saying “You know that Spanish Civil War thing, it really makes me pretty angry.” Good art therefore successfully communicates what the artist was feeling.


Anyway, today’s invention is for those who would like to participate in the creation of an artwork. Imagine a famous artist working at a digital easel. He or she is using a special mouse which glides over a drafting tablet supporting the artist’s wrist. on top of the mouse is a small ‘inkwell’ device which houses the drawing pen and which allows it to move both axially and at angles to the tablet.

As the artist draws, his movements and tool selections are stored digitally. These data can be communicated electronically to a similar mouse, either in real-time or years later. Each similar mouse/pen combination will have motors on board to allow it to follow exactly the nuanced movements of the expert. In this way, students can literally begin to feel something of the process of creating the work. In years to come, they will be able to experience this in connection with generations of new Old Masters.

Is it too crazy to suggest that this represents some kind of consciousness sharing tool -even more direct than the resulting picture could be? Also, who owns all that copyright ? ; )

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