#61: Variable heels

High heels may not be considered very politically correct, yet they continue to sell in massive numbers. I’m advised by my wife that the discomfort of wearing them outweighs the glamour and increased height that they provide. You can’t walk in high heels without doing damage to ankles, toes, back muscles and the parquet flooring -not to mention your dignity.


So, today’s invention is simply glamourous, well fitting ‘flat’ shoes or boots which are very comfortable to walk in, yet which also have a flexible sole allowing a pair of high heels to be clipped securely in place. Actually, there would probably have to be a slot-in shank, running lengthwise in the sole, just to reinforce the right geometry/stiffness combination.

No need to carry extra shoes to that meeting or date, just put the clip-on heels in your bag and stride there confidently (inevitably, you could then have a range of different-coloured heel inserts for each pair of shoes). If you want to get clever, you could always arrange for several sets of different-height heels to nest together to save some space in that already overcrowded handbag.

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