#50: Paparazzi dazzler

It’s tough being a celebrity, I understand. Even C-list ‘personalities’ are pursued for their photograph these days in the economic war to feed people their daily tabloid fix.

For those females in the public eye who’d rather not make several £k per shot for press photographers, here’s a simple device to bring a scowl to any picture editor’s countenance.


Earrings that project a moving pattern of intense, coloured light patches on their wearer’s face. These could be constructed from LEDs and the swirling patterns generated by small, spring-mounted mirrors amplifying the wearer’s natural body motion (or driven by bluetooth signal from a Blackberry in the handbag -or even vibrated by sound from an earpiece). They might activate automatically in response to the whine of a warming flash, a motordrive, an IR autofocus beam -or just the baying of the snappers themselves.

This would make taking a recognisable photo almost impossible, even for the most determined paparazzo with a flash gun set to stun.

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