#27: Daily relaxation message

I’m very interested in hypnosis and I’ve been experimenting with visualisation to help me achieve objectives and think more creatively. One technique I use is to spend about five minutes in the middle of the day just relaxing and entering a light, self-hypnotic trance -thinking about how to get things done whilst still enjoying myself.

So today’s invention is simply to record my daily relaxation script (which I update occasionally as I think of new suggestions) using the PrettyMay voice recording plug-in for Skype. This allows me to call myself and deliver the message each day at a time of my choosing. It would be even more effective as a tool if calls were delivered via a Bluetooth headset.

This approach doesn’t necessarily have to have a hypnotic emphasis, and might just as well be a simple verbal message of encouragement from your mother or a reminder from your spouse to keep things in perspective at work.

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