#2178: Uninterruptill

Several supermarkets now resort to the use of self-scanning tills.

This probably saves them a lot in terms of wages but the interfaces are so primitive that they deter people like me from ever going near them.

Today’s invention is aimed at making this experience slightly less harrowing.

Such machines are always located in a bank so that their insanely loud orders are barked out at customers often in quick succession.

This can create an echo effect which makes it hard to know which device just yelled “UNEXPECTED ITEM…” This makes everything even more disorientating -especially for the few remaining shop staff who have to listen all day.

So, why not have these machines wired together so that when one says something, neither of the machines to either side will speak until it has finished (and not duplicate what has just been said, if it happened say less than 0.5 seconds ago)?

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